On Sorrow And Suffering: 4 Years Later!

There’s no introduction or opening paragraph because I certainly did not plan to write about this. It’s 19th April 2022 as I type this up and all I can think is, Holy Spirit where are you leading me, why are you making me write this? You see, it’s 4 years later but I still think…

The Appetite Of Excellence IV (Final).

Excellence and holiness must become synonymous to us. We excel not only in our work, but in acts of charity towards our neighbours. Daniel stood before Kings. So did Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Paul and Jesus. They could not have done this if they did not strike the right balance between inward character and outward actions. 

The Appetite of Excellence III.

Truth is the daughter of time. If we knew it all, there would be no need for faith. We know in part, for God alone is all-knowing. We must be content in paths He chooses to reveal whilst trusting Him to lead us through paths unknown.

This is the appetite of excellence.

The Appetite of Excellence II

Excellence makes you valuable no matter where you are! Daniel was purposely put at crossroads, knowing he would choose his life! Now that is some serious excellence goals right there. Can your excellence make you so predictable that it becomes your vulnerability?