The Appetite Of Excellence IV (Final).

Excellence and holiness must become synonymous to us. We excel not only in our work, but in acts of charity towards our neighbours. Daniel stood before Kings. So did Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Paul and Jesus. They could not have done this if they did not strike the right balance between inward character and outward actions. 

Sons of (S)laughter.

Like Jesus, Isaac was a son of promise, long awaited by his parents. The sons of (s)laughter were born under unnatural circumstances. Isaac was born to a mother who was old and barren while Jesus was born to young woman who was a virgin. Two extreme situations that should have made it impossible to conceive a child, yet with God – all things are possible.

Vessels of Salvation.

#ThinkingTuesday – Change your thinking; Change your life. As vessels, we must not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. — Romans 1: 16a. Those who accept Christ as their Lord & Saviour become vessels of salvation. Christians are the vessels that carry the gospel, which contains power…

Immanuel: The Christ of Christmas.

#ThinkingTuesday – Change your thinking; Change your life. This week’s quote is from John MacArthur: Don’t be anxious about baseless arguments against Christmas…rather, be focused on the Christ of Christmas; giving all diligence to remembering the real reason for the season. — John MacArthur  We actually don’t realise it but there are two types of atheists: those…

Christmas Is A State Of Mind.

When Mary finds out she’s pregnant with the Jesus, she sings a song — an interesting one that really illustrates the spirit behind Christmas. Mary demonstrates to us that the spirit of christmas is not the spirit of family bonding, or the spirit of giving, or even the spirit of rejoicing. All of those things are well and good, but Mary teaches us that the true spirit of Christmas is a spirit of…