Christianity Explains


Christianity explains is a platform to deal with the seemingly unexplainable questions and contradictions believers and unbelievers often find in the gospel. Asking questions does not equal doubting God. It is good to ask questions, and scripture encourages us to do so! The gospel is without error. Once scripture is revealed from an eternal point of view, there is nothing that cannot be plainly understood.

But keep the Lord Christ holy in your hearts. Always be ready to answer everyone who asks you to explain about the hope you have.

– I Peter 3:15 [ERV]

Taking this scripture as our guide, this section of TG4JI is dedicated to explaining the hope in our hearts with all humility and respect. Please read the posts for more insight and make sure to mention us via our social media pages using the hashtag #ChristianityExplains with any topics or questions you would like to see answered via this platform. God bless you!

Part 1: Miracles in other religions.

Part 2: Hypnosis

Part 3: Body Massages

Part 4: Celebrating Christmas & Birthdays

Part 5: Eternal Life

Part 6: Testing The Spirits

Part 7: The Second Coming Of Jesus

Part 8: Water Baptism

Part 9: Pray Without Ceasing

Grace & Peace