Develop Maturity by studying The Word of God.

‪#‎ThinkingTuesday‬ – Change your thinking; Change your life. 

Yesterday we1 talked about abiding, today we think about how we can abide and why it benefits us: not only will we gain the promises of the Lord if we abide but we will also mature spiritually – Hebrews 2 v 12-14. We will no longer be babies who need to be fed with milk but we will be ready for the meat of the Word.

Many of us have been saved for so long but are not progressing, we ought to be teachers by now but we cannot teach others because we are not mature! Salvation without study is like breast milk which is for babies, those who grow into maturity are those who study the word of God. God Bless You!

One thought on “Develop Maturity by studying The Word of God.

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