No More Blurred Lines: Hold Fast To Good; Abstain From Evil.

Are you serious enough about holding fast to God that you would cut off anything that prevents you from doing so? Are you serious enough about abstaining from every form of evil that you would go to great lengths to tear it out and throw it away?

Got Milk?

Although the insanely popular ad has faded from our screens, I’ve brought it to our remembrance today as a reminder of a different kind of milk; Spiritual Milk.

Affirmations Against Self Harm.

God makes everything come out right; He puts victims back on their feet. — Psalm 103:6 [MSG] This affirmation is for the christian who struggles with self-harm, if you’re newly converted or even if you’ve stopped self-harming, these are still positive declarations that help you cleanse your mind of leftover thoughts, negative mindsets or strongholds.…