Discomfort Always Comes Before Growth; Lessons From My Masters Degree (4).

The seed doesn’t grow until its uncomfortable under the soil. A pregnant lady has to face the discomfort of labour before going home with a baby. Throughout life, the principle is established. Before growth, someone/thing has to be uncomfortable!

An Isolated Christian Is A Dangerous Loose Cannon: Lessons From My Masters Degree (3).

The principle of strength in numbers rings true for every Christian. Scripture says where there is unity; one shall chase a thousand, and two ten thousand (Leviticus 26:8; Deuteronomy 32:30). Each part of Christ’s body cannot function in isolation!

The Book of Ruth: An Exposé.

This blog post is a simple commentary on the book of ruth. It was written in plain style and is meant to serve as a guide for a later blog post on why the church should desist from using Ruth and Boaz as the staple for modern day romantic relationships.