Love & The Law: Which Way?

When we say the law is superseded by faith in Christ, we are not saying something has been lost. Instead what we mean is that something has been gained and that something so transcends the law as to make it obsolete.

Grateful Breeds Greatness.

Those who want to be great must be servants first. That is the secret behind the principle that being grateful breeds greatness. If you are grateful, it is a sign of humility and humility is the first step towards greatness.

The Educated Fools.

#ThinkingTuesday – Change your thinking; Change your life. Hello guys, hope this post meets you well. Always remember that God is working out His eternal Hope of Glory in your life! Today begins the new #ThinkingTuesday series on educated fools. An educated fool is a person that is filled with knowledge but is lacking in “common…

The Righteousness God Desires.

#ThinkingTuesday – Change your thinking; Change your life. The Righteousness God Desires: The 10 Commandments As A Compass To Righteousness  During #MeditationMonday we discussed Psalm 103:17-18, which revealed that although God loves everybody, total obedience attracts God’s everlasting mercy and His righteousness is with those who keep His covenant and remember to obey His precepts.  We also know…

The Abuse of Free Will

#ThinkingTuesday – Change your thinking; Change your life. Have you ever thought about where evil comes from? How is it that there is so much evil in the world? what is really the issue with the world that there is so much wrongdoing from the smallest of villages to huge civilizations, the world is corrupt and…