4 Special Christmas Messages.

Today #SpotlightSaturday shines the light on some interesting Christmas messages. This is our last post for this year, enjoy! 5 Warnings For The Christmas Season – Charles R. Swindoll Christmas & Medicine – Nabeel Qureshi Christmas: The Big Announcement – Greg Laurie An Intimate Look At The Birth Of Jesus – Charles Stanley Grace & Peace!

Christmas Is A State Of Mind.

When Mary finds out she’s pregnant with the Jesus, she sings a song — an interesting one that really illustrates the spirit behind Christmas. Mary demonstrates to us that the spirit of christmas is not the spirit of family bonding, or the spirit of giving, or even the spirit of rejoicing. All of those things are well and good, but Mary teaches us that the true spirit of Christmas is a spirit of…

Works Are Important.

#ThinkingTuesday – Change your thinking; Change your life. This week’s quote is by the amazing writer C.S. Lewis: If God is satisfied with the work, the work may be satisfied with itself. — C.S Lewis There’s a notion in christendom that our works are completely irrelevant and we should not be bothered about them. On the…

The Art of Hearing From God.

Today’s topic is much inspired by Ugo Eluchie’s #HolySpiritChallenge (Twitter: @UgoTheGogo). It was insanely refreshing reading the many different ways the Holy Spirit communicates with His children. You can find people’s stories by searching #HolySpiritChallenge on Twitter or Instagram or visiting her blog

Do Angels Have Free Will?

#TalkingThursday – If you don’t talk about Jesus who will? Today, we’re taking a peek at another sensitive issue, angels. But the angle is deeper than debates about their appearance — Are they white? or their job description — is an angel assigned to every child?, or Do angels eat and drink?, Do angels have sex?, Are there female…