The Love Affirmation.

The love affirmation s designed to help you have a better relationship with those around you. It covers a number of things concerning love, treating others well, watching your words, resolving conflict, forgiveness, respect, honour, eliminating pride, cultivating humility, cultivating harmony and so much more.

Affirmations Against Self Harm.

God makes everything come out right; He puts victims back on their feet. — Psalm 103:6 [MSG] This affirmation is for the christian who struggles with self-harm, if you’re newly converted or even if you’ve stopped self-harming, these are still positive declarations that help you cleanse your mind of leftover thoughts, negative mindsets or strongholds.…

New Season Affirmation.

The New Season Affirmation is an affirmation of encouragement to those who have started or are about to begin a new chapter of their lives – from the newly converted to those about to start a new job or business, enter into a marriage, move to a new city, or start at a new school etc. If you’re about to begin something new, then this one’s for you.