The Day(s) After Easter.

Our business on the day after Easter should stay the same. We are not to stop saying He is Risen and go from posting cute pictures and memes about Jesus to gossiping and backbiting about our church leaders and fellow members. Our job on the day after easter is to continue what we were doing, continue letting people know that He is risen — Don’t lose focus.

Our Sunrise Saviour.

The message that Jesus is risen is a great truth but more often than not, it sounds no better than little children saying, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. My God’s better than your god.” Our faith is not in an empty tomb, but in a living Saviour. Easter is God’s recognition of your life’s value. When we sing “our God has robbed the grave” do we really understand what it means? Do we know what Jesus really did for us? Do we know how much it cost Him? Do we know what Easter affords us?

Jesus Wants To Be Your Valentine.

#MeditationMonday‬ – Out of the abundance of a man’s heart, his mouth speaks. Beloved, I give thanks to God for the breath of life in you this wonderful day! May the mercies of the Lord accompany you through every trial you encounter this week. It’s valentine season! The season of love. Let us look into the Word…

Man Proposes; Then God Messes Up Your Plans.

The Reality Of Christmas: A Story Of Messed Up Plans.

Imagine you’d fallen in love with the dream of your life. And what was even better, she’d fallen in love with you too! When you made up your mind to ask her to marry you, SHE AGREED!

A while after she comes to you with some new news, she explains that an angel told her she……

Fear Not…& Other Updates.

This word is particularly for students. As assessment season begins, many are fearful of exams and tests. The stress and pressure is getting out of hand for so many but you dear brother or sister are not like the rest. You are a christian, heir of the Most High God. You have no reason to panic. Stay calm and rest in this verse.