15 Ways To Live Peacefully With God, Others & Ourselves.

The Gossip 4 Jesus Initiative

#ThinkingTuesday – Change your thinking; Change your life.

In our inaugural post of the year, we examined the first four of 12 instructions given to us this year. We’ve decided to implement these instructions by on one of them each month. For February, the instruction from our original passage, I Thessalonians 5:12 – 13 is to:


The excerpt from the inaugural post reads:

We have to be at peace amongst ourselves. This instruction applies to maintaining peace between the leaders and their flock and ensuring the absence of rivalry amongst the flock. We must treat everyone equally regardless of gender or social status and at the same time, we must avoid envy or jealousy regarding a “favourite minister” in order not to create competition amongst our leaders. It is to our advantage when we create a peaceful environment for our leaders to work because it…

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