The Blood Of Jesus Speaks For Me.

 #WorshipWednesday – Praise the Lord in spirit and in truth

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You have come to Jesus, the one who mediates the new covenant between God and people, and to the sprinkled blood, which speaks of forgiveness instead of crying out for vengeance like the blood of Abel.

– Hebrews 12:24 [NLT]

Exactly a week ago, I was on my way to work when around 7am in the morning I was attacked by armed robbers on the highway bridge during a standstill in traffic.

There were two men, they approached the car on each side, the guy on my side was the only one armed. He brought out a gun, pointed it at me and demanded my phone and bag. I didn’t give him my phone, he kept threatening to shoot and kill me. I panicked, I cried, I bargained, I negotiated, I tried to use human wisdom to escape the situation. In the end, all I could say was I plead the blood of Jesus. And oh boy did I repeat it over and over. And the Holy Spirit, insisted I say it not just in my fearful mind but boldly out loud for them to hear, which I did. At one point, I closed my eyes and just waited for it to be over as I repeated this sentence. I don’t even know how but God took control of the situation. They ended up leaving without taking anything from my driver and I (phone, money or bag) or harming a single hair on our persons.

I did end up with some cuts and bruises all over my body from the broken car windows, but above that, I learnt an amazing lesson about the mercy of God through the blood of Jesus. I didn’t plead with the armed robbers to spare my life because my life was not in their hands, I had entrusted it to Jesus a long time ago! It was as though I could envision the accuser as he stood in the courtroom of Heaven and demanded I pay for my offences, but the blood of Jesus spoke for me. The blood of Jesus rescued me, this is my testimony.

So brethren, today’s #WorshipWednesday song “The Blood of Jesus Speaks For Me” by Travis Cottrell is really really dear to my heart. I have been singing it all year, but this week it really takes on a special meaning! The lyrics are everything I want to say and more.

Be blessed as you worship!

  • The Blood of Jesus Speaks For Me [Lyrics of Selected Verses]
  • The blood of Jesus speaks for me
  • Be still my soul, redeeming love
  • Out of the dust of Calvary
  • Is rising to the throne above
  • There is no vengeance in His cry
  • While ‘It is finished’ fills the sky
  • forgiveness is the final plea
  • The blood of Jesus speaks for me
  • When my accuser makes the claim
  • That I should die for my offense
  • I point him too that rugged frame
  • Where I found life at Christ expense
  • See from His hands, His feet, His side
  • The fountain flowing deep and wide
  • Oh, He did shout the victory
  • The blood of Jesus speaks for me
  • Oh let my soul arise and sing
  • My confidence is not in vain
  • The one who fights for me is King
  • His hope, His covenant remain
  • No condemnation now I dread
  • Eternal hope is mine instead
  • His word will stand, I stand redeemed
  • The blood of Jesus speaks for me

The Blood Of Jesus Speaks For Me (Lyric Video) | Travis Cottrell.

Grace & Peace!


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