The Seraphim.

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Seraphˈsɛrəf [noun]

Plural Noun: Seraphim

Definition: An angelic being, regarded in traditional Christian angelology as belonging to the highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy, associated with light, ardour, and purity.

Did You Know?

Scripture makes mention of heavenly beings called “seraphs” or “seraphim”. The word Seraphim means “burning ones” or nobles. Their name points to purity, power, or judgment. They are also sometimes called the ‘ones of love’ because their name might come from the Hebrew root for ‘love’. Seraphim are described in the Bible in Isaiah 6 vs. 2-6.

Heavenly creatures of fire stood above [or attended] him [Revelation 4:6–9]. Each creature had six wings: It used two wings to cover its face [as a shield from God’s awesome glory], two wings to cover its feet [or body; indicating humility; “feet” can be a euphemism for genitals], and two wings for flying.

Each creature was calling to the others:

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord All-Powerful [Almighty; of Heaven’s Armies; of hosts]His glory fills the whole earth.” 

Their calling [The sound/noise from each one’s voice] caused the frame around the door [doorposts; threshold foundations] to shake, as the Temple filled with smoke. 

One of the heavenly creatures flew to me with a hot coal [in his hand] he had taken from the altar with a pair of tongs. The creature touched my mouth with the hot coal and said, “Look, your guilt [iniquity] is taken away, because this hot coal has touched your lips. Your sin is taken away [forgiven; covered; atoned for].”

— EXB Translation.

This is the only Scriptural reference to the seraphim. In the context of Isaiah, the seraphim are connected with God’s throne and His holiness. They are standing and serving before the throne, awaiting His commands.



The seraphim have six wings- two that covered the face, two over the feet, and they fly with other two. If they are angels, they bear a different appearance from all the other ones in Scripture, including the cherubim. In the context of scripture where they are found, the seraphim were engaged in the purification of the prophet Isaiah (See Isaiah 6:5-7).

In Summary

The seraphim, or burning ones, are only mentioned in the passage in Isaiah. They are somehow connected with the throne of God and do not appear in the form of men as do other angels, but seem to be a higher rank of angel(s) or a different order of angelic creatures.

Grace & Peace!


One thought on “The Seraphim.

  1. The word gossip is a word directly associated with the unrighteous connotation of speaking negatively about other people behind their backs. Not a word you should associate with Jesus. “Evangelists 4 Jesus Initiative” would be a better banner. Angels are messengers. Angels with wings are messengers who fly above the worldly and earthly understanding of God’s Word to spread the message of Christ on the wind to humanity. When 2 wings cover the face, this represents hiding one’s own identity that the message of Christ be what is heard and not seen – this represents humility. The wings which cover the feet represent one hiding one’s personal walk that only the message of Christ be what is heard and not seen – this as well represents humility because this angel is not bragging about what he does but brags of what Christ Jesus has done. The four wings of the living creatures are identified by the four faces which each creature represents. Authority the lion, vision the eagle, maturity the ox and creativity the man. One can exhibit these wings in both the messengers of Father TRUTH or the messengers of Falsehood the devil. Eg. the lion of Judah as opposed to the lions in the thickets of the Jordan. Both exhibit authority but one exhibits the authority of God while the other exhibits the authority of man. Even the sons of Satan can be hard working wild oxen and be mature in the wisdom of the world but they do not bear the wisdom of God. Even Satan’s minions have vision and can look ahead and know what the outcome of the future via their deceptions. And men of all walks can learn and be creative but only the children of God see the future from God’s true perspective. Hope that helps.


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