Affirmations Against Guilt.


There are times where we feel the weight of our sins on our shoulders, we feel very sorry for what we’ve done, but the guilt seems to consume us. If you feel like you can’t keep on living because of the guilt of your sins, then these affirmations are for you. They are here to encourage you to declare the promises of God almighty, and to remind you that Jesus Christ has paid the ultimate price for sin, shame, sorrow and guilt. There is no need to wallow in your guilt and shame anymore!

Bible verses have been added to each affirmation to guide your reading, be sure to look them up! 

I am guilt free, 

I cry out to the Lord and He delivers me from my guilt. (Isaiah 51:14-15)

I no longer live in guilt for God has taken my sins far away from me. (Psalm 103:12)

The Lord has swept away all my guilt and redeemed me unto Himself. (Isaiah 44:22)

The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses my conscience from dead works and enables me to live and serve the Lord, guilt free. (Hebrews 9:14, Hebrews 10:22, Isaiah 53:5)

I no longer live in guilt for God has forgotten all my sins and given me freedom. (Galatians 5, Isaiah 43:25, Hebrew 8:12)

I no longer have to be ashamed for God has purified me, washed me, cleansed me and made me whiter than snow. (Isaiah 1:18, Psalm 51:7)

Withholding nothing, I confess and acknowledge my sins before God; He forgives me of all my guilt. (Psalm 32:5, I John 1:8-9)

I no longer have to live with guilt, God is not angry at me. I have been justified through my faith in Christ Jesus and obtain mercy and a pardon for all my wrongdoings. (Micah 7:18, Romans 5:1-2)

I am guilt free in Jesus name, Amen.



***Hope you enjoyed this and found it useful. Please don’t forget to visit the Biblical Affirmations page to see more about the benefits of biblical affirmations as well as how to meditate upon and declare these affirmations throughout the day.***


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