Movie Review: Risen.

#SpotlightSaturday – And the Lord said; Let there be light.

Our Easter Theme at G4J begins with the spotlight on Risen. While I’m not really big on films where Jesus’ face is showing, I would still have to say that if you’re looking for something to watch this easter, you should see this movie. You can see it in the cinema or rent it on Amazon or Apple.

The faith of every Christian rests on the truth of the resurrection of Jesus. The question really isn’t whether He did or did not exist, (because history clearly documents His time on earth), the real question is whether He really resurrected.

Risen tells the story of a skeptic who goes about investigating the events surrounding Jesus’ resurrection. It is a very interesting perspective of the events we’re already familiar with, looking at it from an unbeliever’s eyes, rather than the disciple’s point of view which is documented for us in the canonical gospels. Of course the entire movie is predictable, but it’s worth the watch in the end.

Trailers & Featurettes:


Grace & Peace!

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