2016: The Year I Give Myself Away.

#WorshipWednesday – Praise the Lord in spirit and in truth.

This might be late for some of y’all but:



We’ve had thanksgiving, we ate and drank, we worshipped God for letting us see the new year. Some of us even made new year’s resolutions. We reconciled with loved ones etc. etc. All the excitement and wonder of the new year is suddenly fading away, the tidal wave has dropped us back at the sandy shore. Now what?


Maybe you’re not feeling like this. But I am.

G4J has been away for a month. I’ve missed doing this and I hope it’s been missed too. If anyone’s wondering where I’ve been; I was riding the Christmas-New Year wave that’s what! – I know you was waiting for me to tell you some spiritual banter, but that’s not your business pshhh – and now that wave is over, so now what?

Now 2016 is the year of the second commandment – Love your neighbour as yourself.  This is the entire theme we received as guidance for G4J this year. This post will not be where I break that down fully but all I can say is 2016 is the year where I give myself away, fully, completely and in total submission.

Many of us think that we have given ourselves to God, but we haven’t. We might be chaste in our bodies but certainly not in our hearts, and we all need to work on that.

This 2016, I want us to have a think about the second commandment and how many of us as christians haven’t really fulfilled the second commandment. Our works are just as important as our worship, and the second commandment is the place to start – Love Your Neighbour As Yourself, the deepest, hardest commandment and yet the most significant. Anyways, we’ll get into this another day and soon by God’s grace.

There will be lots new things to come at G4J and I really hope that this year, we all truly give ourselves away, so God can use us as His hands and feet, to go places where darkness abounds bring light, to go places where bitterness exists and be salt, to really do things that impact and change to the world.

Btw, G4J now has a dedicated soundcloud account, you can find that here. There’s nothing on it yet, but hey, watch that space!

And no, I won’t leave you without a song.

This year, whenever your flesh or feelings get in the way. Say to yourself:

I give myself away so God can use me,

I give myself away so I can fulfil the second commandment,

I give myself away because my works are just as important as my worship;

I give myself away so I can find myself in Christ. 

Be blessed as you worship.


I Give Myself Away – William McDowell.

Grace & Peace! 



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