10 Tough Questions.

#SpotlightSaturday – And the Lord said; Let there be light.

Last week the spotlight was on the Good or God message by John Bevere and today, we’re shining the light on a short clip titled Gold or God by Eric Ludy.

The clip discusses some relevant points regarding how much we’re willing to give up for God and how ready we are to obey when He instructs us.

We often find it easier to be called to the fancy jobs and fancy places for missions but if we’re called to the tough places to do the jobs every other person has rejected, how quick are we to obey?

Are you willing to be Christ’s etceteras or must you be one of His “somebody’s”?

Are you willing to die young for the sake of christ?

Are you willing to live amongst the heathen?

Are you willing to serve without recognition?

Are your deeds for your reputation or for His?

Gold or God – Eric Ludy

Grace & Peace!

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