Which Woman Of The Bible Are You?

#SpotlightSaturday – And the Lord said; Let there be light.

Today, the spotlight is on this little quiz by Brittney Moses of Unashamed Impact found on the Project Inspired website.

“From Esther to Deborah to Rahab and many more, there are countless stories of brave and honorable women of the Bible well worth looking up to. Which woman do you identify with most?

I would particularly challenge males to take this quiz as well, the description of the characters you end up with does reveal a lot of surprising things about yourself that you may not have noticed before.

The quiz takes you through a series of simple questions designed to test your courage, compassion, ideals and determination to care for others and at the end, it gives you a female character in the bible that best fits the answers you have chosen. More often than not, you’ll be surprised with the results!

Screenshot 2015-10-10 01.28.48 Screenshot 2015-10-10 01.29.10

You can find the quiz here: http://www.projectinspired.com/quiz-which-woman-of-the-bible-are-you/


Grace & Peace! 

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