Prayer & Fasting: 77 Days Of Glory.

#SpotlightSaturday – And the Lord said, Let there be light.

Hello friends! hope this post meets you well.

Today, I’ll just be shining the light on this amazing 77 days fasting & prayer event being hosted by Ugo Ezeji (Twitter: @AnointedUgo), its called 77 DAYS OF GLORY!

I have been part of this wonderful prayer programme designed to launch people into the power and glory of God and I can tell you first hand that the testimonies have been amazing. If you’re looking to grow in Christ, I really suggest you be a part of this move of God, don’t let this pass you by.

You can join the prayer line every day at 10pm EST and also choose to join the fast, from 7am – 7pm everyday till september 12th, after which you’ll give 77 of whatever country’s currency you’re in as a seed offering in church. Or like me, you can fast two/three days a week and and better still, Ugo is such a wonderful host, he records the calls and puts them on his youtube page, (except when he forgets and gets hounded for it on the group chat lol) so you can revisit them over and over and pray along like I do!

Click on this to access the prayers recorded on youtube!

It should look like this:

Screenshot 2015-08-08 07.09.05

As you can see, I’m still catching up on all the prayers i’ve missed (internet data issues in this Nigeria won’t be the end of me!)

If you want to understand the benefits of living a fasted life or find out what a fasted life is, this is something Ugo knows a lot about and touches seriously upon in his blog, I would encourage you before watching any videos, to please read his blog post: Living A Fasted Life

All the details about this wonderful prayer session can be found here: 77 Days of Glory 

You can join the group chat and meet more wonderful Christ following youth and make friends but most importantly, use this as a chance to get closer to Jesus this summer. Most of us will be starting school soon and starting our final years and we really need to spend as much time as we can with Jesus so that we can be supercharged for anything that comes our way.

If you have a disease or sickness or want to pray for someone or you’re looking for people to pray with you, just join this. If you have an addiction you want to be delivered from, please I beg you, come and join this prayer and fast. If you are looking for people to do a bible study with, join us. Ugo does a bible study before he gets into prayers of warfare and deliverance.

Personally, being on the chat and praying along using the youtube recordings have been a real blessing. We also break the fast with holy communion (brethren, this bit is amazingggg) and because of this, I’ve seen a lot of change and a lot of testimonies come my way.

Prayer is like a divine heavenly account. You never know when you’re going to need to access this account so that doors can be opened here on earth. It isn’t only when things are bad that you should pray, you should pray when things are good too, so that when things start looking bad and you don’t have the strength to pray at that time, your heavenly account will be accessed for you. Pray the prayers of warfare while you are still strong and agile. As Ugo says, Christianity without miracles is another religion. Well, Christianity without prayer is insanity and very well near idolatry.

The youth especially must cultivate a prayer lifestyle, and this summer, this is one of the best events I know that can help you do it.

Again, all the details about this wonderful prayer session can be found here: 77 Days of Glory. 

So please join us!

Grace & Peace! 


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