Political Correctness.

#TalkingThursday – If you don’t talk about Jesus who will?

We try to avoid the difficult questions, issues about race sexuality, child abuse, slavery etc! We try to answer in a way that pleases everyone, but is this right? Is political correctness hurting the church and hurting our christianity?

Scott Sauls in this article “Is Political Correctness Hurting the Church?” writes:

Historic Christian teaching—especially on contested issues like sexuality, exclusivity, the sacredness of all human life, generosity or beliefs about the afterlife—is, admittedly, not always popular. And yet, Scripture shows no interest in being popular or politically correct. It will not allow itself to be adapted, revised or censored to align with popular consensus. Ironically, the single thing that makes Scripture relevant to our culture, and any culture, is that Scripture seemingly shows no interest in being relevant. Instead, it acts as God still speaking, affirming what’s good and confronting what’s not. Where Scripture and culture are at odds, Christians too must remain countercultural.

So what do you think, should christians be harsh in their stance or try to avoid the “us vs them” attitude that the world throws at us every day?


Grace & Peace!

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