What Are You Speaking Over Your Life?

#MeditationMonday – Out of the abundance of a man’s heart, his mouth speaks.

Today’s verse is Isaiah 55:11.


When you speak, what you say goes forth and bears fruit, what are you saying about your life and your circumstances? Speak your desires and have faith that they will not just be empty words but that when you speak your desires and they are in line with God’s will, they will surely come to pass.

Let’s meditate on this and put it in action this new month by declaring God’s words and promises over our lives each day with faith that God will make our words fruitful and help us accomplish all that we desire.

It is not just our lives but our words affect other people’s lives as well, what are we speaking into the lives of others? We need to watch what we say as children of God because our words have power, our words are not empty. We can help or harm others with our words so when we speak to others, let’s speak life and not death!

God Bless you!

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