Is Purity A Thing Of The Past?

#TalkingThursday – If you don’t talk about Jesus who will?

With recent “feminist” campaigns like ‪#‎freethenipple‬ – a campaign to legalise women being topless on the street. It is really a time where nudity is the new high fashion and chastity seems long forgotten.

Lisa Hallahan (A Lovely Calling) writes,

When someone reads or hears the word purity mentioned they cringe. It’s not a very popular topic these days and that shouldn’t come as a shock. Purity isn’t valued in schools, churches, governments, movies, music or among our peers; why should it be of any value to us?

Purity is a thing of the past. Or some would say.

I would like to challenge you to join me for just five minutes while we go deeper and explore the true meaning of purity and how it can and will benefit us and those around us. Many people think that purity means being pure sexually and still having your virginity coming into a marriage. While this belief is somewhat true, it isn’t the whole summation of the word. 

By large, we aren’t encouraged to be biblically feminine. But since biblical femininity lies at the core of a woman’s purity, we must fight for it…”

And purity is worth fighting for! Let’s wage war with the cliché, American, modern culture that steals our joy and femininity and begin a generation of smart, intelligent, confident, pure, femininely  beautiful women who seek to put God above the standards of today.

Purity is not a thing of the past. It can be for today. It can be for you, and it can be for me. I encourage you to search the Bible for verses that mention the word purity or pure. But remember: it’s a lifestyle, not just a word.

Read the rest of the article below and let’s discuss, do you think purity is a thing of the past?


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