You Prepare For Whatever You Are Expecting.

‪#‎ThinkingTuesday‬ – Change your thinking; Change your life. 

DID YOU KNOW-Matthew, Mark, Luke and

All our lives are spent preparing for one thing or the other, we prepare for exams, prepare to be married, prepare to have a job, start a business. We prepare for the weather – rain, snow, sun – we know how to dress to keep ourselves comfortable. The principle here is that we expect these things to happen, so we prepare for them.

A pregnant woman prepares for a baby from the minute she discovers she is pregnant, she begins by reading books, studying about her newfound condition, she goes for tests, checkups, some women even want to know what gender their baby will be so they can start buying clothes and shoes etc.

The same with special visitors; many of us when we are expecting a special visitor, someone of importance, we prepare to the best of our ability – from the mother-in-law, to extended family to the president, we would prepare to please them in any way we can. 

Jesus becomes the most special of visitors, from the moment we welcome Him in our hearts. The way people prepare for mortal visitors is the same dedication a christian should put in their life to be prepared for Jesus from the day they find out about the second coming. We should study our bible, find out more about Jesus, get to know Him, learn how to please Him, how to live for Him and be prepared for His coming.

The principle is sound, it does not need much explanation: a person prepares for whatever they are expecting;

Are you expecting Jesus, are you prepared for His return?

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