The Word Of God Should Be A Priority in Our Lives.

#MeditationMonday‬ – Out of the abundance of a man’s heart, his mouth speaks.  

Proverbs 13:13, Job 23:12 and Galatians 5:22-23.

When it comes to God there are two types of people, those who depend on God completely and those who put God in the passenger seat of their lives.

The first set of people are the ones spoken about in Galatians 5:22-23, which says “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.”

They manifest the character and behaviour of the Lord because they rely on him for everything they do and they are in constant communication with Him.

There is a popular belief that people who have been married for a long time tend to look and behave like one another. This is the same way it is for those who prioritize the Lord, they start to mirror Him in their ways.

What is important particularly about that verse is that it says, “against such there is no law” – think about this, there is never a law against doing something good. There’s no law that says “Thou shall not be joyful or Thou shall show no goodness, Thou shalt not have faith” etc.

These fruits are Godly traits and they are especially seen in the life of Jesus Christ. If we have these traits we will communicate effortlessly with others because we are already in tune and in sync with God almighty!


Job 23:12b says that the people who really put God first “esteem the words of His mouth more than necessary food” – this means they never find it difficult to do anything for God, fasting won’t be difficult for them and even if they find it difficult, they will do it anyways because they know how important the word of the Lord is.

It is not just about food or fasting, it’s about everything in life. We have to strive to prioritize God in our lives, putting Him first always, in our thinking, in our seeing and in the way we react to things.

We are warned in Proverbs 13:13 that He who despises the word will be destroyed, But he who fears the commandment will be rewarded.


Our rewards are on earth are as much as they are in heaven! If we put God first and ask the Holy Spirit to help us manifest the fruits of the Spirit which are the traits of Jesus Christ, our thinking will have a default setting to “how would Jesus react? or what would Jesus do?” and we will interact better with those around us. More so, through His grace, these traits help us endure the sorrows of the world till the Kingdom of God is made manifest.

The most important thing is that we can only get to this place by keeping the word of God at the forefront of our busy lives! As we meditate on these verses today, let’s all make up our minds to have a bird’s eye focus on the word of God and prioritize it over the words of men.

Comments are welcome, God bless you!


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