Gluttony, It’s Not Just About Food.

#SpotlightSaturday – And the Lord said, Let there be light.

We’re shining the light today on this article by Jason Todd of RELEVANT Magazine discussing a very important sin that is often overlooked – gluttony, which is a sin that goes farther than lusting after food.

He makes the point that we often say that all sin is the same to God but in practice telling a white lie won’t get you kicked off the choir but committing a murder will. It is the same with gluttony, we overlook it and think God won’t be too concerned about that, so “it’s not my fight.”

Here’s a quote from the article that really struck me:

“The desire for “more” is not inherently bad, but it is often misdirected. What we need is a relentless appetite for the divine. We need a holy ravenousness.”

This is true on every level, our spirits are constantly hungry and until we learn to satisfy them in Christ, we will continue to surround ourselves with ambitions for material things that only bring fleeting pleasure.

Here’s a short excerpt of the article:

“All desire for excess stems from a lack of satisfaction. I’m not satisfied with my portion—be it the portion on my plate, in the marriage bed, or in my bank account. Because I’m not satisfied with my portion, I then seek a greater portion. But because every portion is a finite part of a finite whole, I am constantly chasing an excess that can never satisfy.

This is the story of Genesis 3. What was the sin in the Garden of Eden if not a desire for excess? Adam and Eve were given beautiful sights and beautiful tastes in the absence of shame, but what made the garden a paradise was not any of this. It was a paradise because God walked in the cool of the day with them. And yet, Adam and Eve’s downfall was because they deemed even this as not enough. They weren’t content with their portion of paradise, and they reached out—to disastrous consequence—for more.”

Please click the link below to read the full article! It is really an eye opener.

The Socially Acceptable Sin – Jason Todd‬

God Bless you!


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