Where Are You Looking For God?

#ThinkingTuesday – Change your thinking; Change your life.

We often find ourselves in the worst of situations because search for God in places that He will never be found.

We may not even be looking for Him directly, we may be looking for His characteristics: love, compassion, faithfulness, protection, blessings and we usually go looking for them in the eyes and hands of men or women as the case may be.


We need to change our thinking, because God will never be found in mortals. His Spirit & characteristics may be in others, but if you want the real deal, why not come to the original that is everlasting and will quench every thirst.

If you are looking for God, start with His word and not with the word of men. Don’t let people fool you by saying God told them this, or God told them that – Always check His word to confirm if He really did say what they said.

Start with the word of God, it is the sure place you will always find Him. To go looking for God outside of his word is to court trouble, by courting trouble, you give the devil a foothold in the door to your life.

I challenge you today, change your thinking, change your life. Start looking for God in His word and nowhere else.

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