The Quickening of Our Mortal Bodies.

#MeditationMonday‬ – Out of the abundance of a man’s heart, his mouth speaks.


The Holy Spirit is able not just to give life to our Spirit and help us communicate with God but the Holy spirit can quicken our mortal bodies. This means that when you are weak, tired, frustrated and feeling behind on all your work or trying to balance work and family, trying to study for exams or struggling to wake up at night or early in the morning to study the bible, you can call on the Holy spirit to give strength to your body and the Holy Spirit will enable you to find the will to do all that is required of you.

Meditate on this verse today and remember that the Holy Spirit can work wonders, not just for your spirit but for your physical body as well.

It says in Deuteronomy 34:7 “And Moses was an hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated.”

That is the Holy Spirit working in Moses to the quickening of his mortal body so that Moses was able to fulfil his purpose and his divine assignments to the every end. Even in death he was still strong, he didn’t die a weak old man.

So in our everyday lives we must remember to call upon the Holy Spirit when we are weak not just in spirit but in our physical bodies.

We have been celebrating Christ’s resurrection this past week, know now that If God raised Christ from the dead, imagine how much more His life giving Spirit that dwells in us can do if we just call upon Him!

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God Bless you!

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