Accepting Our Christlike Nature.

#FunFactFriday – Because TGIF!

fun-fact Friday (1)

If We were in Paul’s shoes we would probably have been discouraged to preach the gospel “Oh, i’m not pretty enough” “People will laugh at me” etc.

Imagine if Paul had allowed his appearance to discourage him from Preaching the Gospel, we probably wouldn’t have all the wonderful books of the Bible with teachings on Love and the Holy Spirit that we have today! Rather Paul accepted himself as he was and he did not let that stop him, he used his friendliness to bring many to Jesus and created a legacy for himself through his teachings!

Your Christlike Identity is what you make of what you have been given so do not be discouraged. Just like Paul was full of friendliness, find the things that make you special and capitalise on them!

Have A Joy Filled Weekend.

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God Bless you!

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