Who will you please; God or Men?

#SpotlightSaturday – And the Lord said, Let there be light.

This is the first in the #SpotlightSaturday series at the Gossip 4 Jesus Initiative. We want to share with you this video with a powerful message in it.

It is important to do what God says is right at all times and no matter the consequences.

Everybody can claim to be a christian, but not everyone is Christ-like.

Acts 4:19 (NIV) says: ”But Peter and John replied, ‘Which is right in God’s eyes: to listen to you or to him? You be the judges!”

Acts 5: 29 (NIV) says: Peter and the other apostles replied: We must obey God rather than human beings!

Have these scriptures in mind as you watch this powerful video, and think of all the ways in which you have denied God’s instructions to gain favour with human beings.

It is always difficult to go against our friends or our family and correct them when we see them doing wrong, but if we truly love them, we will be compassionate for their lives, not wanting them to perish, and we will obey God and tell them what is right, rather than allowing them to continue in their wrongs. This happens not only in the church but at home between loved ones especially parents and children.

Let us change our ways, the Kingdom of God is near.

Enjoy this video and be blessed!!!

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